Living on the Farm

Darren and Martina approached Tumilty Design expecting a difficult time obtaining Planning permission.

They had been listening to many friends advising them that it would be impossible to obtain planning in the countryside because they weren’t registered farmers. 

During Build Gallery

They decided to take up the ‘free consultantation’ offer by our company and after that initial meeting they were very surprised to find that they may indeed be able to build a ‘house on the farm’ under Planning Policy Statement 21 (PPS21) – CTY 10 called ‘Dwelling on farms’, This Policy details various criteria to be met to allow a dwelling to be approved on farming land. Darren's grandparents were registered farmers for many years. Since the implementation of PPS21 in June 2010 planning decisions have no restrictions on who resides in the new dwelling so this allowed the Darren and Martina to avail of planning permission for their new home.

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