New dwelling with A-Rated Energy performance

Welcome to one of the most energy efficient dwellings that Tumilty Design have been involved with.

Mr and Mrs Harper approached our company to design a cost effective energy efficient dwelling. It was important that their new home would achieve the highest SAP rating possible, which is A rating.

A SAP rating is the calculation that is required in order to produce a Predicted Energy Assessment and an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate. Building Regulations require that a SAP calculation and a Predicted EPC is submitted for new dwellings prior to the commencement of work.

Tumilty Design liaised with the appointed Energy Consultant, to design the dwelling to maximise its energy potential. The orientation and site position was very important to achieve summer heat gains and winter losses.

Reasons why this house achieved 'A Rating'

  • The cavity width was 200mm wide full blown pumped eco bead with 200mm inner leaf blockwork.

  • The floor insulation was 125mm Kingspan with the roof 200mm spray foam between rafters and 75mm below rafters.

  • Any flat ceilings had 200mm fibreglass between joists and 200mm fibreglass over joists.

  • Other major items to help this house achieve the high rating was the Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System (MVHR)– this system will recycle the heated air within the dwelling and remove the pollutants and insects. It eliminates extract fans, window trickle vents which gives draught free living.

  • Pilkington energy efficient k glass - triple glazing with argon filled gas for heat retention.

  • Air source heat pump (Heating & Water) – used with under floor heating on the ground floor with radiators on the first floor. An air source heat pump (ASHP) was placed outdoors at the back of a property. It takes heat from the air and boosts it to a higher temperature using a heat pump. The pump needs electricity to run which is gained from Economy 7 tariff at evening time. It will use less electrical energy than the heat it produces. Many air source heat pumps are eligible for payment through the Renewable Heat Incentive, a government scheme that provides payments to homeowners who generate their own heat.

  • Multi fuel stoves thus eliminating open fires and open flues which allow heat loss through these chimneys.

Without doubt this is a stunning example of a money saving energy efficient home!

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